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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Raja (in)Sen

It has long surprised me that Rediff has Raja Sen as part of its film review crew. A clown if ever there was one, his latest offering is this slideshow on the characters in Dead Man's Chest, the second Depp offering under the Jolly Roger.

I smelt a fish when I just saw the link. Raja Sen thinking of a slideshow for a film which actually has the perfect cast for one? Come on. Give him an egg. Surely the lad must have filched it. So. I did some nosing, and came up with the Guardian and Orange.

Okay, so once he stole the concept and the photographs (obviously without acknowledgement), he would at least be original with his text, no?


Robber Sen refers to Depp's Jack Sparrow as "this irrepressible Keith Richards protege".

Orange lauds Depp's genius in "creating Jack Sparrow in the mould of his rock ā€˜nā€™ roll friend and idol, Keith Richards".
The Guardian calls him "Captain Jack, unofficial scion of Kiff Richards".

Ahem. Kof. Kof.


And about why I think Robber Sen is actually Robber Insane?

Just look at the following:

On Bride and Prejudice, he gushed inter alia -
"Bride And Prejudice, works, and works with great flair."

On who he thought was the most promising young actress -
"Ayesha Takia. She's a bright, attractive and talented girl, and the directors signing her up are rather thrilled

On Mangal Pandey:
"Just cleavage and cliche." [The readers have got back at him for this]

On Paheli:
"Paheli is a breathtaking dream"

On Superman:
"Oh my God, the film, the film.I saw it today and I've been walking around with an embarrassingly massive grin all day, with John Williams' Superman Theme looping incessantly in my head. :)"

It seems almost everybody who has read his reviews wants him thrown out. See here. But is rediff listening? Or is it that King Khan has given him his backing and Rediff doesnt want to mess with that?


  • Crazee Bengalee

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:33 PM  

  • Apparently, they're trying to rope in Keith Richards (and his famous liver) to play Captain Jack's father in the third movie.

    By Blogger Dilettante, at 8:28 PM  

  • Sent the link to the rediff blog. haha
    thanks! hate the guy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:35 PM  

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