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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Re: Guide to the Delhi house-hunt

The following response was posted by a certain Vox Populi to this post of mine.

Too good to pass up, I thought I must allow it to crawl onto the masthead.


Being not a landlord (nor landlady. Nor lord or lady for that matter), and merely 50 godforsaken percent Punjabi, I wonder why one feels called upon to present Both Sides Of The Story.

Nevertheless, one does.

Your average Punjabi landlady, well past the age when she would adventurously shoot 2 pints of campa-cola and rock to Mohd. Rafi & his Merry Pranksters, may not understand our generation's deep need to wax cynical about the Human Condition and generally hang around feeling misunderstood...but she does have what historians refer to as a heart. She may not understand your angrezi (English, for all you angrezi's), but she understands the value of home-cooked daal-chawal. She may not appreciate 1500 PMPO's of Rammstein, but she does appreciate that your ridiculous hours may require a separate entrance. She may not be anything like your mother...but hey, isn't that a good thing?! And poke fun at your peril, but Bad Things DO Happen To Young Girls In ANY BIG CITY...that someone gives a damn is a blessing.

You want trees, parking space, wide roads, not tooo hot, not tooo cold, marble flooring, high-ceilings, ya-da ya-da go to Geneva and walk the streets. Bangalore hates you if you can't write code in Cobal or whatever, Bombay has bathroom sinks in the hall and Cal has, well, Bengalis.

Come to New Delhi.

Our Motto: Eat, Drink and Scratch. Favourite Bird: Butter Chicken. We await your arrival with open arms.



  • Vox Populi: We love delhi-ites, only the ones without road rage. Both of them.

    Also, Bangaloreans are so mollycoddled with the kind of weather we have, we complain when it becomes 32 deg C. So, pay no attention - we are like spoilt brats.

    Landlords, ladies and real estate brokers are the same everywhere. No exception.

    And. We take some perverse pleasure in singling out Punjabis from Gujjus and UPites and so on and play up steoreotypes or simply make them up. Simply because they can't tell the difference between us 'Saauthies'

    Chill, bro. All harmless.

    By Blogger Dilettante, at 11:52 AM  

  • Why is The Doctor looking for a flat in Delhi? Are you leaving us?

    By Blogger Lahar, at 5:38 PM  

  • Oye thussi kaam karo... thusi girlfriend kithay??!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:35 PM  

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