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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Welcome to the Jihad

Yes. Another terror plot. This time with liquids.
Funky, arent they?

Question is, if they are so cutting edge with everything, where are they getting the money from? How is it being routed? Through whom? Where? Obviously there are legitimate means being adopted for illegitimate ends.

When will political correctness stop - at both a national and community level? And when will our leaders realize that if somebody just came out and called a spade a Pakistani Muslim, then we might actually be on our way towards combatting this. I'm not saying that all Pakistani Muslims are guilty mind you, but we need to acknowledge that if we are going to trace terror, we can't start looking under a rock in the Amazon. We have to start in Pakistan. Not Iran. Not Iraq. Not North Korea. And no, not with the Shiv Sena or the RSS.

We have to start with our neighbour. Our undemocratic neighbour. Our theocratic neighbour.

There are only one of two situations now prevailing in Pakistan:

1. The Government finds that the terror groups are too formidable to break. That they have control over large portions of Pakistan's territory that the Government cannot recover, despite its recent weapons purchases. If this is so, we must help our neighbours. And so must the US, the UK and the other sanctimonious souls who run to each others aid when WMDs are feared.

2. The Government controls, finances and accommodates the terror groups. Which makes Pakistan a terrorist state. It wont do to depose Musharraf by force and put a farcical democratic system in place - Afghanistan and Iraq are still bleeding examples of why that does not work.

It is high time the international community took Pakistan to task and asked the simple question - "Will you handle it, or shall we?".

It wont be long before one of those new fangled weapons makes it through a security check somewhere and rips apart the insides of a modern aircraft. As pieces of machinery, flesh and equipment come plummeting out of the sky onto our front pages, we might still be waiting for the answer to that question.

P.S. The Beeb says there are Pakistani links to what happened earlier today in the UK.


  • Prime Minister Tony Blair, on holiday in the Caribbean...

    Nice touch, that.

    By Blogger chamique, at 10:33 AM  

  • Doc, Pakistani Muslim is a wide swathe to paint. Then it'll degenerate to a Jewish/Xian/Hindu conspiracy to wipe out Islam.

    And then there's the Bomb.

    By Blogger blr bytes, at 2:19 PM  

  • BB, the idea is not to paint all Pakistani Muslims with the same brush. It is only for identification.

    Most of the terrorists are Pakistani Muslims (by birth or origin). This fact must be acknowledged and Pakistan needs to put under the microscope. Not Saudi Arabia or Indonesia. Pakistan.

    Its about time the west just started denying visas to Pakistani Muslims. Blanket you say? But isnt that what all of us have to suffer when boarding planes? Full body checks, no hand baggage, no beverages, no duty free - all attributable to a small section of the world's population.

    My logic is that only if you start alienating all of Pakistan will there be outrage within the country against the jehadi groups. Otherwise one keeps saying that all of Pakistan is okay, only a few parts are bad and so we wont do anything against the country. This is misplaced and harmful logic.

    By Blogger Recluse, at 4:12 PM  

  • I disagree with your logic. There are two possible outcomes of alienating the State as a whole. One possibility is what you have envisaged. The other is that the general populous become more sympathetic and receptive to the hardline/terrorist agenda.

    Then you'll have to worry.

    By Blogger blr bytes, at 1:19 PM  

  • Doc, any proposal to deal with 'out'laws through legal means, means nothing. Elevating the fight to an international scale will get it enmeshed in political see-sawing...and India is, unlike your average Israeli wolf, unable to currently say, "We're protecting Indians. Go fuck yourself."

    2 words, then: Covert Ops. Assassinate the Generals over the border, disclaim responsiblity. You might argue that you're reducing yourself to the level of the outlaws. Correct, but only insofar as debating the matter in Moral Science 101. In reality, there is nothing to debate...if no one sees a tree fall in a forest, did it really?

    By Anonymous Vox, at 7:34 PM  

  • a government allowed rioting to happen and people to be killed - either said government has no control, or it is a terrorist state. By this logic, all gujjus should be locked up.

    by castigating and blaming an entire community, the only thing that is served (other than personal satisfaction at "having said it like it is and shown them who's boss") is to make lots of people feel defensive and start to get them trying to justify the actions of the crazy ones. just see what has happened in lebanon - israel went in with a view to getting hezbollah - and bombed the infrastructure in southern lebanon as a way of getting the locals to turn against hezbollah. the opposite happened - the lebanese government and many arab governments (all of whom started off criticising the hezbollah) ended up defending it and coming out in its support. sorry, i don't profess to have an answer/ solution, but think the approach suggested by recluse is a bit too simplistic and might not work.

    Coming back to the main point - I feel really annoyed by the fact that my holidays are going to be screwed, that the painful time spent at airports is only going to increase, that it is even more likely that I will be "randomly" picked out of a line of passengers to be body searched.

    damn you, you bloody terrorists - you want to protest against US and UK foreign policy, go fly to iraq or afghanistan or wherever, fight and get killed and win glorious martrydom for yourselves - just stop trying to blow me up.

    i read somewhere recently that the thing about "young virgins/houris" waiting in paradise might be the result of a mistranslation - apparently one interpretation is that the original references was to raisins/dates (the persian word is apparently quite similar).... ha ha ha, that would be good, mr. suicide bomber, feeling all self-righteous, ascends to heaven expecting lots of young ladies and finds himself instead with...72 dried dates.
    ha ha ha. excellent. serves them right.

    By Anonymous glu, at 7:54 PM  

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